Taco Takeover is a fiesta-val dedicated to celebrating the best things in life: awesome tacos and the people who love them. We're inviting the most innovative chefs and restaurants in NYC to sell their fare, compete for glory, and wow over 3,000 local foodies eagerly searching for their new favorite taco spot.

the Scoop

Date: Saturday, May 12th

Three Sessions: 11AM-2PM, 3PM-6PM, 7PM-10PM

Location: Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Expected Attendees: 3,000-5,000 total

Booth Fee: $300


We Provide

Event Details

  • A 10'x10' space with two 8 ft tables
  • $2 for every Taco Token you collect
  • A feature on the Taco Takeover website
  • Inclusion in marketing and promotional materials
  • The opportunity to make money and showcase your unique culinary abilities!

Taco Tokens and Selling Information

  • Each food vendor is required to serve a minimum of two taco options valued at $3 each. All tacos are redeemable for a Taco Token.
  • Depending on their ticket type, each attendee will receive 4-6 Taco Tokens, which they will use to redeem any $3 taco--or dish of equivalent value--from the vendors on site.
  • At the end of the event, we will reimburse vendors $2 for every Taco Token they collected.
  • Once attendees have used up their Taco Tokens, they can continue to buy tacos--or any other dish being sold--directly from vendors.
  • Tacos or dishes sold directly to attendees should be priced at $3. No dish can exceed a price of $5.

*Non-taco dishes must be pre-approved and must not exceed a $5 price point*

Questions? We'd love to hear from you. Email Teny: teny@cannonballproductions.com.